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I started developing games for a brief period in 2019 and made a total of 3 games. No real experience, just something I wanted to give a try. I noticed back in October when the massive run was starting to wane, everyone was talking about burning, and burning their own supply. I thought there must be a way we can burn supply and not use the community’s money. Then I remembered I had a game released that had very few downloads and generating almost zero income. Why not burn Googles money instead? So I proposed that, and it took off pretty much instantly." I would like to see how I can use my influences and relationships to create dozens of SHIB branded products. I would certainly like to release other games, although others have already launched more games in the past weeks." What I would really love to see is once SHIB gets offered in a lot of retailers, is a small “burn tax” maybe like 0.1% of the transaction amount. Something to create a small constant burn as people use it in the real world. 


On October 2021 SHIB Superstore was created by Travis Johnson. The store is made exclusively for the $SHIB community, but our goal is to also have $SHIB adopted by the mass public. The store will be filled with $SHIBA themed products, and with the support of the community we would burn as much $SHIBA as possible. We currently have three games (candy trips, bricks buster and zombie assassins) that burns 100% of their ad revenue for $SHIB, we also plan on having more products like cloths, utensils, food, and drinks. We have burned a total of $37,369 (approximately 1.3 Billion $SHIB) with roughly 50,000+ downloads across all games. The burns are scheduled on the 15th of every month, and we post all our revenues (to be as transparent as possible). BricksBuster currently accounts for roughly 90% of the burned revenue because this the first game to pick up steam and people like it. But after some analysis and comparison between the games we conclude that CandyTrips will give us the best/most burns.

Project Funding

SHIB Super Store is committed to burning and/or donating 100% of the net proceeds from all business conducted on this website. If you would like to directly help fund future projects to burn SHIB even faster, we would like to give the option of directly donating to the project fund. All funds gathered through this link will be held in an account and used only for the purposes of funding projects which further the SHIB burn initiative. 

Current Donation Funds: $6.00

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